Friday, April 1, 2011

Control Freaks - Part 1

We've all experienced them at some point or other in our Christian Walk and Life. People who derive some PLEASURE or SELF-WORTH by FEEDING THEIR OWN SELF-CENTERED and SELF-RIGHTEOUS EGO. People who are often dangerous and twisted in their thinking because they feel it is 'GOD'S CALLING' to 'CONTROL' your life - that God Himself has either spoken to them about you or are convinced that THEY always know 'what is best' for you, which decisions you should or shouldn't make and what you should or should not do. They will tell you (or feel in their own minds) that their 'so-called wisdom' comes from God but in reality it is delusional and is actually based on their Position, Power, Popularity, Proportionate size of their ministry Pharisaical standards and emphasis, or their own Personal self-worth, etc. (Forgive me, I'm still trying to overcome the 'preacher thing' of starting everything with the same letter...:0)

And Heaven help you if for some reason you ever QUESTION that individual or FAIL TO HEED THEM (what we mean by that is that if you fail to 'OBEY' them.) Because if and when you don't, they will DEMEAN and BERATE you, THINK LESS of you, WRITE YOU OFF, and perhaps even BREAK FELLOWSHIP and OSTRACIZE you because you dared to fail and ADHERE to their WISDOM and in many situations, the DEMANDS they placed on your life. And you WILL become an EXAMPLE they readily share with others to help in their control, at least will be the object of their DISDAIN and 'wrath' until you either succumb to their CONTROL or TWISTED form of reasoning and / or 'GET BACK ON-BOARD.' (even though in their own minds they are convinced they are always right).

In my almost 40 years of personal study on the Cults, the Occult, Cultic Leaders, Mind Control &Manipulation, and the dangers of Spiritual Abuse, as well as acquiring a massive library also in these areas over these years, I would like to share with you some insights I have learned along the way. Not only from my Study, by at times, sadly, in the life of "hard knocks." Things I can impart to you so you too can be aware of Warning Signs to WATCH OUT FOR in order to protect you, your family and friends.

In order to keep this blog from being 'too long', it will be published in several different posts. Let me encourage you, as they come out: Read them, Study them and Pass them on and Share them with others. These blogs will not be comprehensive in their presentations, for in doing so, that in and of itself would constitute a book. However, what you do receive will be the Reader's Digest® portion of each area - 'meat' you can chew on and then digest.

If you would like to correspond with me on this journey, share your story, disagree with me (yes, of course you can do so), or simply want to 'talk further', you may do so by writing me at: or, and of course, here on also on Facebook®.

Also, in this process over the next couple of months I will share additional resources and materials that you may obtain to better inform and equip you in order to: (1) Avoid these traits in both your Life and Ministry (sadly we are creatures of habit and "self", and in our zeal and misplaced 'sincerity', we may inadvertently allowed things to creep in to our lives without realizing they are happening, taken root, and brought forth evil fruit in our lives and ministry, as well as the need to (2) Avoid those individuals and ministries like the plague who continue to exhibit, embrace and practice these same traits in their hearts and lives on a regular basis.

So stay tuned, as we journey on this road together looking at Control Freaks…

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