Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Wisdom Of a Child's Song…

Not a lot of 'verbiage' in this blog. But the other morning, getting ready for work, a song we used to sing in Children's Church impacted me in a tremendous way. I was in the shower singing it (I'll spare you the details), but the EMPHASIS and TRUTH of the song overwhelmed me, over-and-over-and-over 'til tears filled my eyes, and God's love ministered to the very depths of my soul in brokenness, adoration, and understanding, as I worshiped before God's throne.

I guess it was brought about from several conversations I have had over the last few days with a variety of Christians from different ministries, 'churches' and from various parts of the country; and some of it, well some of it I simply just "overheard", (ok, I'll be honest, I was eaves-dropping, give me a break). Either way, my spirit, soul, whatever you want to call it, has really become 'grieved' and 'saddened' because of it. And what I've come to understand is that maybe (no probably), the reason I am so sensitive and attuned to it is because for so many years, in my ignorance, or zeal, and perhaps just plain stupidity, I have been guilty of the very same thing.

God's Love Letter, The Bible, tells me that "Out of the abundance (the overflow, whatever is in our heart, fills our heart, the very focus) of our heart, the mouth speaks." And what I HEAR coming consistently out of the majority of Christians, ministers, and pastors, etc. hearts and mouths is everything BUT Jesus.

Oh, we talk about, 'church', our services / buildings / facilities / programs, somebody's 'anointing' / message, our pastors / praise team / choir; our accomplishments / goals / visions; our size / numbers; or the latest event and function. Sadly, the list can, and does, go on-and-on. WHY do we do it? If we are going to be HONEST with OURSELVES then it is because THAT is what FILLS our hearts, it is our FOCUS, and therefore, that is what we SPEAK.

EVERYTHING ELSE… FILLS our heart and is our FOCUS BUT… The One who died for us, JESUS CHRIST. We are in love with THINGS about Him, instead of being in love WITH HIM.

Maybe children really 'get it'. Maybe somewhere along the line, we 'lost it.' Maybe we ought to let God recapture our hearts once again "as little children." And let HIM refocus us where HE becomes our FOCUS. And let HIM refill us where HE FILLS our hearts. And when we do, maybe, just maybe, we, as the ones who claim to 'know and love Him', THEN out of the abundance of our hearts will come, simply "JESUS", instead of everything else.

Oh, and you've probably already figured out the song 'that came to me' in the shower. It goes something like this…

"Let's TALK about JESUS

The King of kings is He,

The Lord of lords supreme

Throughout eternity.

The Great I AM The Way,

The Truth, The Life, The Door

Let's TALK about JESUS, more and more."

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